Robert Dolin on 10 things doctors secretly wish they could tell you

Robert Dolin on 10 things doctors secretly wish they could tell you

Ever wondered what your doctor is really thinking during your appointment? Here are 10 things concluded by Doctor Robert Dolin you might want to know what doctors secretly wish during an appointment with patient.

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  1. Be honest

It happens all the time when patients do not follow their doctor’s prescriptions. Doctor Robert Dolin says patients are sometimes afraid to tell their doctors about other treatment they’re following or aren’t taking their prescriptions. He further said that doctors are aware of this fact but don’t like to bother their patients.

  1. If you’re not coming or late

Doctors actually hate waiting for their patients. If they come late, doctor will have less time for them; this isn’t great for an effective treatment. There are actually chances that everybody after a specific late patient will also have less time, says Robert Dolin.

  1. If you’re taking herbal supplements

Doctors hate when their patients are taking herbal supplements besides their concluded medicine. It is a public mind-set that after taking herbal preparation, there is not active pharmacological preparation, says Robert Dolin. So if anyone has a drug history, let your doctor know.

  1. Lose weight

You need to lose weight – the most common line that buzzes into a doctor’s mind. People tend to ignore this but they don’t realize that it is a precondition of around 35 different heath problems such as heart disease, cancer, depression, or organ failure. Admit it that begin an over-weighed person is a threat to your physical health.

  1. What you’re worried about

Tell me what you’re worried about at the spot, not when you’re leaving the clinic. You spend time with a patient on a liver pain when the real issue is chest pain. Doctor’s hate when their patients keep secrets about health from them. Always ask your doctor what you should do for a certain problem.

  1. Your job is killing you

Obviously, it is tough to tell a patient that he needs to look for a new job. But a stressful job can have serious effects on health condition. If you don’t change the situation that is foundation for your stressful life, you’re putting yourself in risk for heart attack, stroke, and even sudden cardiac death.

  1. Prescription over the phone

Another thing that doctors secretly wish they could tell you is: don’t expect to get a new prescription over the phone, there might be some reasons that I want to see you again.

  1. Wash before seeing me

Sometimes patient comes right from their work, says Robert Dolin. But some are generally dirty, doctor’s hate to examine people that naturally smells like urine.

  1. Googling is waste of time

Sometimes doctors see that patient is googling everything about his health condition and telling the doctor what to do. Doctors actually hate it and prefer patients come from a good source.

  1. You don’t need a prescription from me

It is normal, especially when it comes to antibiotics. Doctors usually hate patients with a wide past medication history.

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